Buying a Home Out-of-Town

By: Barb Blaser and Janet Nielsen

Buying a Home Out-of-Town

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Have you ever considered selling your home and
moving out-of-town?

One concern that might be holding you back is the uncertainty involved in finding a home in an unfamiliar place. You may be wondering:

There are many ways to find out.

Spend a day in the area. Walk some of the neighbourhoods. Visit schools and parks. Check out the local shopping and other amenities. Talk to someone who lives there. This will give you firsthand insights into the area.  View current listings in the area online. Most listings include helpful data on safety, demographics and other information.

Contact us and we would be happy to show you around the Southern Georgian Bay region or recommend someone from our wide network in other neighbourhoods. We can help you get a handle on home prices by finding out what a home like yours is currently selling for in that area. That will give you a baseline to determine what you can expect to pay.

What’s the bottom line? There’s no need to let uncertainty about finding a home in a different town or city hold you back.!

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